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Is solar energy more affordable than ever?

Since 2007, the cost of going solar has dropped by about 50%, while demand for solar power increased 41% last year alone. Solar energy now powers over 2.2 million homes in America and that number is rising rapidly with approximately 360 new homes going solar every day. That equates to about 1 home every 4 minutes.

Through 2016, you can benefit from a federal tax credit that allows you to write off up to 30% of the cost of purchasing and installing a solar system on your property. There are many programs available that allow homeowners to go solar with no money down. Find out what solar tax credits you may be eligible for here.

Solar Benefits

  • Lower your electric bill up to 70%
  • $0 down options let you start saving today!
  • Rebates, tax breaks and incentives offset your costs
  • Average U.S house saves over $33,095 with solar

Get a customized quote.

Every home has unique architecture, and every structure requires unique energy needs. That’s why we put together customized quotes for each of our clients. Our partners will deliver a custom quote that features all available options, together with a projection of estimated energy savings for many years into the future. And they will take the time to go through the quote line by line, ensuring that all of your questions are answered.

You pay little to nothing up front.

The truth is, while solar panels may not be cheap to produce, installing them on your home can be free in some cases. Let the sun and the solar panels do the work of producing energy for your home, and all you pay for is your monthly power bill – which comes at a deep discount, when compared to conventional power. No hidden fees, and clean energy powering your home. And we’ll walk you through the whole process.

Lock in low energy rates.

With conventional power, rate hikes can happen at any time, and virtually without notice. With utility costs steadily rising every year, you can’t afford not to have solar panels installed on your home. Solar energy rates are predictable, and you’ll have the option to lock in the same rates for years into the future. We will clearly spell out the amount of money that you’ll save when you switch to solar power.

Your solar energy connection.

Our partners are the best in the business when it comes to solar energy installation, and for all the right reasons. They take care of the entire solar energy installation, from cradle to grave, and we do it with top shelf customer service. From the minute they pick up the phone, our solar partners will walk you through the whole process, and we know you will be satisfied.


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